New Year's Reflections. . .

As we move into 2018, for me it marks yet another year on this earth without T.J. December 1st marked 7 years since he left us so suddenly. It is still so hard for me to believe. Sometimes I still wake up hoping it was all just a horrific nightmare and then as the sleep recedes from my mind I realize the nightmare of T.J.'s passing is my reality. If someone had asked me if I could continue living if something happened to one of my children, I would have said absolutely not! But guess what? Each day the sun continues to rise and set and here I am. People often say to me, “I don’t know how you do it. If it was me. . .” I’m no stronger than anyone else, but I am blessed to be able to see past

7 Years. . .Surviving and Thriving

7 years ago today I woke up and had no idea that in mere hours my entire world would implode. T.J., my precious child, 2nd born of my 3 beautiful boys, would die by suicide. 7 years later it still rocks my soul to write those words. 7 years later I am not only still standing and functioning, but I have joy in my heart and my soul is at peace. How can it be that I have not only survived, but I have been able to thrive in the shadow of my boy’s death? T.J.'s death left me with the gift of awareness. That gift opened my mind and heart through quiet moments of reflection and I was able to find peace amid my heartbreak. It allowed me to grow in my brokenness so I could see outside of myself to th


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