Grow Through It

Grateful for the opportunity to share my story with Grow Through It. We all have a story and there are lessons in all of our experiences. If we are fortunate we are able to "grow through it."

Language Matters

“Lets all think more about the words we choose to use.” We all know “language matters,” but sometimes habits take over. We’ve all grown up hearing phrases like, “that guy is nuts!” or “what are you crazy!” and many of us never really give it much thought. Our intention isn’t to hurt someone or to contribute to stigma. After all, it’s just a phrase, right? But if you are one of the 42 million Americans that struggle with a mental health disorder, you might take exception to those phrases. What is even more troubling is if you are one of these 42 million Americans you might hesitate to reach out for help because you don’t want anyone to think you are “nuts” or “crazy” which are derogatory term


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