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T.J.'s 29th Birthday

September 23, 2010 was T.J.’s last birthday here on earth. I wonder what he was wishing for as he blew out his birthday candles for the last time. I know that today on what would have been T.J.’s 29th birthday I am wishing that my beautiful boy has found peace within his soul and is surrounded by love and light and lots of waves to surf. I’m wishing that anyone who feels the immense pain that overtook T.J. can get connected to help before it is too late. I’m wishing that we can all find a way to understand that everyone suffers in some way and love and kindness should always be our guide. I am forever grateful for that September day when my precious T.J. was placed in my arms. It is a day that is seared into my soul and created a connection between us that will never end. T.J. guides me every day to be better, to be kinder, to love harder and to help wherever and whenever I can. Happy Birthday to T.J.

Love, Mom

Posted with love & T.J. hugs.


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