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Remembering the JOY On T.J.'s Birthday

This week a very dear friend gave birth to a precious baby boy. My heart filled with JOY at the news and since this was T.J.’s birthday week it brought back so many wonderful memories of the day he came into our lives 27 years ago today.

Birth is truly one of life’s miracles—a soul arrives on earth and the lives that are touched are never quite the same. At his soul level T.J. was kind and sweet and sensitive. His human traits were much bolder—he was loud and fast and funny. He arrived on this planet with an energy that lit up the world for everyone in his orbit. And while his death dimmed our world, it propelled us forward in ways we could have never imagined.

T.J. is with me every second of every day. He walks beside me, pushes me from behind and pulls me forward. His short life taught me so many lessons and the learning continues. I am so grateful for all the gifts he gave to me from the minute he was placed in my arms and I am grateful for the gifts he continues to share.

Happy birthday in Heaven my precious boy—how I wish I was celebrating with you rather than posting about you. Today I’m focusing on the JOY you brought that lives forever in my heart.

Posted with Love and T.J. hugs September 23, 2021 T.J.'s 27th Birthday


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