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Thanksgiving Thoughts: Grateful for Perfect Vision

2020 is a year most will not soon forget. For many it has been a year of challenges. I have been working hard to stay in the moment and to start each day with gratitude. My yoga practice continues to be a grounding force in my life and one day this week when I got to my mat, my instructor spoke about how she was sharing with a friend how hard 2020 has been and how she felt just saying 2020 sounded like “something” she couldn’t put her finger on. Her friend responded, “20/20 is perfect vision!” Wow! This immediately filled my soul with a deep understanding.

So often it is in the “hard” that we learn to really “see” what matters. In the hard we “see” how vital it is to reach out to others, to offer kindness and to love one another. I’ve long been a believer in shifting perspective and this message helped me to shift my perspective on my reflections for 2020.

It has been hard. Many have lost loved ones, many are sick and isolated, many have been hard hit economically and many are hurting for reasons that have nothing to do with the pandemic. But perhaps 2020 is providing us with perfect vision to zone in on what matters, to focus on gratitude and to find purpose in healing and helping because that is what is needed in every facet of society right now. Perfect vision is what allows us to view life through a lens of LOVE.

As I am counting down the days that will mark 10 years since my precious T.J. left this earth, the heaviness of grief has been wrapping itself around me. 10 years—a decade—too long. . .But now I am looking forward with perfect vision. I needed to clean my lenses to see the beauty and good, to feel the love and the kindness and to see with perfect vision that in all its imperfections this world is filled with HOPE and LIGHT and most of all LOVE.

Whatever your “hard” is, know I am holding you in my heart. You are never alone. On this day of Thanksgiving I am grateful for the gift of perfect vision—20/20.

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