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Finding Comfort in Shared Loss

As I travel this journey of loss I am reminded that there are blessings all around us even in the most tragic of circumstances if we are open to letting love in. One of the blessings I have found since losing T.J. is in new friendships with people who share the journey of child loss by suicide.

I am humbled by the amazing people I have met. They inspire me, give me hope and provide comfort on a path that is often so difficult to navigate. Today, I am especially cognizant of 2 of these very special people that I now consider family.

Last week Steve and I were honored to present Remembering T.J. at Hillsborough High School. Paige Aiello attended Hillsborough High School some years ago. Paige was a beautiful, accomplished young woman who was completely adored by her family and many friends. Sadly, like my T.J., Paige died by suicide. I was blessed to connect with her Mom Robin Aiello who has become a sister of my heart. It was heartwarming to have Robin in the audience when we presented at Hillsborough HS which was a spot of many happy times with Paige.

And today is the anniversary of the death by suicide of Pierce Jarck—a funny, out-going, athletic young man who was also much loved and adored by so many people—especially his beautiful family. His Mom Lori Jarck has become another sister of my heart. We love each other, support one another and find a way forward through grief and loss and life. Today, I am keeping the Jarck family in my thoughts and prayers as they navigate this very difficult first anniversary of the worst day of their life. I am so grateful I have been able to get to know Pierce through his Mom.

While Robin, Lori and all my other new and dear friends sincerely wish our paths did not cross in the way they did, we are grateful we have found each other and believe in the bigger picture where our precious children are free, happy, productive and at peace.

Posted with much love and T.J. hugs

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