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Wonder—You really want to see it!

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to see the movie Wonder today. It should be required viewing for, well, everyone! Although I am an avid reader, somehow this amazing book escaped my orbit. My interest was piqued when someone mentioned that a school in Essex County brought their entire 4th grade to see the movie. As someone who is interested in the social and emotional learning of children in the wake of hearing of young people dying by suicide every week I was curious. I am always looking for positive messages to share and we can all learn much from watching, or I’m sure, reading Wonder.

What I loved most about the movie was that it told the same story from the perspective of various characters. In addition to the main character Auggie, we heard from the beautiful, kind sister who often felt forgotten, the bully whose parents modeled bullying behavior, kids who though not physically different had their own inner struggles to deal with. So much of life is about perspective. We all view the world through our own filters and we can’t see or feel what anyone else does in exactly the same way. I also loved that many of the adults in the film were positive role models like Auggie's parents, teacher and headmaster. For those adults who were not positive role models there were strong lessons to be learned from their behavior.

So many people have struggles we can’t visually see and they spend so much energy just trying to get through the days. And for those who we deem physically different, why can’t we embrace everyone as the unique and beautiful being they are instead of focusing on things that have no bearing of who the person is at the soul level? We miss out on so many wonderful relationships by basing our choices on what society defines beauty to be. Look into someone’s heart. Look beyond the physical. There is love and light to be found if we look deep beyond the scars and pain and allow the light and love to come out. So many people are hurting and struggling in ways we can’t see. Each and every one is a wonder. Let us all strive to make sure every child knows that.

“Be Kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Posted with love and T.J. hugs

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