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Happy Mother's Day?

Happy Mother’s Day. . .This phrase seems so simple until you are a mother who has lost a child or has never been able to conceive a child or are someone who has lost a mother. People throw the sentiment out there with joy and wonderful intentions not having any idea what a minefield this phrase can be for so many. Those first few Mother’s Days after losing T.J., hearing the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day” was like a dagger to my heart.

When I woke up today feeling blessed for ALL the love I have in my life I realized that Mother is just another word for Love. So today I will choose to feel grateful for the gift of love that surrounds me and has lifted me up. And I am sending a wish out to all those who are hurting on this day that you may feel the love I am sending you—whoever and wherever you are. Any pain you may be feeling is simply an extension of love which is always a beautiful thing.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, blessed day of LOVE today and always.

Posted with Love and T.J. hugs

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