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The Gifts that Matter

6 years ago today our precious T.J.’s body left this earth. 6 years later I know that T.J.’s essence and energy are still with us. The gift that was T.J. is still with me each and everyday. And so today as we are in the midst of this season of giving, I can’t help but reflect on all the gifts T.J. gave to me from the minute he was placed in my arms.

LOVE: Even as a young child T.J. loved BIG. He was always so affectionate and open to giving love to everyone around him. His loving nature for those he cared about is a lesson to us all. T.J. was never afraid to show his affection and he loved with his whole heart.

PASSION: T.J. understood passion. Everything he did, he did with passion. He played with passion, participated in sports with passion, cared with passion, fought with passion, and felt with passion.

CREATIVITY: T.J. was very creative in so many ways. As a young child he loved to create with legos. He was always writing stories complete with illustrations and he wrote beautiful poetry. He taught himself to knit and without patterns, created beautiful pocketbooks, belts and scarves. I still have a sporty purple pocketbook he made for me. Even then he loved the color purple!

WISDOM: T.J. was always very profound. If you were ever lucky enough to have a real conversation with T.J. you would have been amazed at the depth of knowledge that existed within him. His thinking process was so deep and intense. It was a joy sharing the gift of conversation with him.

LAUGHTER: T.J. knew how to have fun. He was always up to something and figuring out the next fun thing to do. It was hard to be around him and not laugh.

TIME: T.J. was always willing to give the gift of time. He loved spending time with those he cared for and would make time to be there for anyone who asked.

And so, as we start to get caught up in buying gifts this holiday season, maybe we can all step back and remember that the gifts that really matter can’t be purchased in a store. The gifts of love, passion, creativity, wisdom, time and laughter can be given freely to all those around us and are the ones that will really leave a lasting impression—in this life and when we are no longer here. These are the things that will be remembered. This is why T.J. will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the gifts T. I love you truly, always and completely.

Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season filled with the gifts of the heart that will remain long after this season of giving passes for yet another year.

Posted with love and T.J. hugs

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